Bridal Shower Pics and Ideas…Recipes Coming Soon


The beautiful future bride and groom!


Drink Table!


Champagne Bar!


Dessert Table


Pulled Pork Sliders


Clasic Burger Sliders


Brie & Raspberry Grilled Cheese


Watermelon Feta and Mint Bites


Mac’n’Cheese Mini Martini Cups


Turkey Meatball Sliders


Wine Tasting – Found Object – Malbec

Wine Tasting - Found Object - Malbec

As part of the planning for my sisters August wedding we are trying to find the best moderately priced wines we can. We are looking for 2 reds, a white and a champagne. To pick them we are rating them from 1-5 with no half points allowed. Now let me warn you that this is a totaly subjective rating system and none of us are wine connoisseurs, just people who like a good wine, so take our advice with a grain of salt.

Tonights wine was a Found Object Malbec which got a unanimous vote of 3 from us. It’s a nice Malbec but was not quite wedding quality, but for the money, if you like Malbecs, its good far a casual dinner.

Wedding Planning and kabobs

In addition to a job search and cooking for my parents I have also been helping my sister with wedding planning. So today we are meeting for the millionth planning session (ok millionth might be an exaggeration) to figure out what to do about flowers (which cost a fortune), décor and maybe music… Fingers crossed it is a good use of our time.


Coming back to this post a few hours later we did get a few things accomplished, we emailed the florist and décor person and ordered a bunch of décor stuff from (its great for discounted crafts)


Following the marathon wedding planning meeting we had a nice light meal of grilled seafood kabobs, rice and sautéed sugar snap peas.


Grilled Seafood Kabobs – I purchased these already put together from a local fresh seafood market and seasoned them myself with lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. To make for your self buy whatever type of fish you like to grill (I love good salmon) and cut into 1 inch cubes and stack with 1 inch squares of onion and red and green bell peppers. Season and cook for a few minutes on each side until fish is done.


A nice bright fresh side to go with the seafood kabobs is sautéed sugar snap peas. I personally spend the extra money to get the ready to eat vegetables because I found it increases the amount I eat and cook over all, but on to the recipe


1 bag of sugar snap peas

1 clove of garlic finely diced

1 shallot finely diced

1 Tbs. olive oil


Heat olive oil in a sauté pan, add shallots and garlic and cook until slightly soft. Add the peas and cook over medium heat until tender crisp.